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#WIPjoy :: Guardian Angel

-Insert excellent, calm blogpost intro- in which deep questions and life observations are made.-


This #WIPjoy blogpost, thing, I think started over at Katie Grace's blog (A Writer's Faith)... before then having been around on twitter... It's basically a whole bunch prompts and questions encouraging writers to talk about their WIPs. (But you may have already guessed that 'cos your smart.)

Anyway! My lovely friend Jane also did a blog post for #WIPjoy, and basically I thought it looked like a really fun thing to do, so here we are :D

I highly recommend reading both of their posts *nodnod*. ('Cos they explain it muchly better, and their WIPs are AWESOME. GO DO IT.)

(I shall also put all the questions at the end of the post ^-^)

Describe yourself and your WIP.

Well, I'm a ninja of randomness for starters. Jumping through all the virtual windows and disappearing in clouds of confetti is pretty much my speciality, and my main weapon of choice will always be a sword. I also have quite the habit of drifting off into Lala Land (no, not the movie 'Lala Land', I mean the magical fairy place 'Lala Land') and happily just chillin' there until something -or someone- demands my attention. I also have a 'slight' addiction to Pinterest. 

My WIP... Uhm, well... I am absolutely terrible at describing my stories so uh, yeah-- just bear with me, okay? xP 

Basically it's about a girl who -after a terrible disaster (oh noes)- gains the ability to see how and when people die before it actually happens. And then due to running around and trying to help as many people as she can, she unintentionally starts annoying a group of assassins who are just trying to do their job. Annnnnnnnd they really don't like her for it. 

*cringes* Okay, let's move on... ;P

Your MC's aesthetic in 7 phrases.

:: The soft glow of city lights ::

:: Raindrops against the window ::

:: Random acts of kindness :: 

:: Constantly brushing her hair out of her eyes :: 

:: Coffee-induced insomnia :: 

:: Silhouettes ::

WOULD YOU RATHER: Get trapped in your story for a week, or have your antagonist enter your own life for a day?

Assuming the phrase 'enter your own life' means having the antagonist wandering around where you just can't ignore them, and also considering my antagonist is the leader of mah scary assassin group... I think I'd prefer being stuck in my own story for a week.

Probably wouldn't be too terrible and on the plus side- I'd get to have some interesting conversations with Brinley. That would be nice.

Describe your MC's personality with a GIF.

JUST ONE?! Oh dear...

Probably this one:

The minute she thinks she's sorted out one problem, BOOM. There's another one :D

What's something you're still figuring out about this WIP?


Well okay, more specifically, I'm still trying to figure out the best way for me to write it... First Person past tense, or third person past tense?

...I don't know?? (They both have too many pros and cons, agh.)

Choose an ideal reading spot, food, drink and music to go with your book.

Hmm, okie dokie.

So an Ideal Reading Spot would probably be in your room, under the blankets with a bunch of fairy lights draped above you from the roof or something. A blanket fort with pillows would also work quite well (don't forget the fairy lights though *nodnod*).

Food.. Probably homemade banana fritters. (Yum.)

Drink.. A mocha latte... also yum. (Or hot chocolate, if you prefer.)

Music..  "Nightsky" by Tracey Chattaway.


"Angel By The Wings" by Sia.

Sorry, I tried to just choose one but my brain said no... They're both super cool and remind me of 'G.A' far too much ^-^

Share a thought that keeps you going as a writer.

'If I don't write it... Who will?' 

^ And that's pretty much it ;P (Well... I have many other thoughts relating to this prompt, but this one is what it basically boils down to each time ^-^)

WOULD YOU RATHER: Never publish this WIP, or watch it be adapted it into a horrible movie?

*screams because this is an excellent question as well as a horribly mean one*

I'd never publish it. Buuuuuuut on the other hand-- *tries to think up a good compromise/loop hole and fails* Egh, actually, no. I'd still never want to see it turned into a horrible adaption...



YA KNOW WHAT- Stuff it... If I spent all my time and energy creating this story and trying to make it great, I think I would very much want to publish it. (Or attempt to anyway. *coughs*). If the movie adaption ends up being terrible in relation to the book, I'd just ignore it... Give it the silent treatment or something ;P


Okay, so here are all the questions!


(Note: If ye don't want to do a full-on blogpost, then feel free to answer in the comments ;P)


Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Wisteria Writer's Tag

Eek-- Here we are again with another tag folks :D 

Good golly gosh, it's been a while since I've done one of these things.. Not sure if I remember how to do it O-O

Eh-- I'll figure it out I guess. On to the post!

Thank you so very much Jane for tagging me! This looks like so much fun :D


1. Thank the blogger who nominated you.

2. Answer the ten questions asked.

3. Add ten (writing or book related) questions of your own.

4. Nominate people.

1) What inspired the idea for your current WIP (work in progress), and how long have you had the idea?

Oooooh boy. I don't really know? I do remember that when I had the idea, I was sitting in church at some point in March, listening away to the sermon when suddenly; WHAM. Story Character idea appeared outta nowhere and has stuck with me ever since :D (And yeah, it was for 'Guardian Angel' if anyone was wondering :P)

As for how long I've had it... Er, since somepoint in March, 2016. That's what my ancient notebook says, anyway...

2) What are you most looking forward to about this WIP?

Ruining my MC, Brinley's life :D


Hehe okay not really... In all seriousness, it'd probably be actually finishing the first draft. That'd be nice.

I just want it to be doooooooooone already :P

3) Have you ever dreamed about your characters?

Sadly no.. Well, at least not that I can remember. I've dreamt up story ideas though... Those ones are really weird.

4) How do you go about naming your characters?

I pretty much just pull up as many name lists I can find... and go through them until I find a name that fits the character perfectly... 'course this doesn't always work so once I at least narrow down the results, I look up each name's meaning. If it means something completely pointless and boring, I chuck it out and move on to the next one. (Unless I actually really like the name-- in that case I'll put it to the side and go back to it later.)

5) Do you plan out your theme?

Eh, not in great detail, no... I usually have a vague idea that I'm pretty sure is what I'm going for... but not really a full-on plan.

6) Do you discover the MBTI thing of your characters? (if so, what are the types of your WIP protagonists?)

I tried to :D

Okay so-- I know Brinley is apperantly an ISFJ... But I'm not quite sure, because I had another thing say she was a INFJ... So.. I dunno?  xD

Ember, however, I'm pretty darn sure is an INFJ.

I'm not really sure what MBTI type Asher and Lewis (I suspect he might be an ISTP) are.

7) Have you a favourite genre to write in? (or do you like switching it up randomly)

Ooh. Definitely medieval fantasy. It's the very first genre I ever started writing in and honestly, it feels like coming home whenever I get back to it. I'm pretty much in love with the whole knights, castles, dragons and magic thing. It's pretty cool

These days it's more a weird, smush up between SciFi-Fantasy-Modern-Something-I-dunno, that I've been writing in and been getting ideas for lately.

8) What is a big inspiration for you in writing? (a person, book, quote, scenery, ect.)

Basically any book that has brilliantly realistic characters; A great, well-paced plotline and amazing stakes (as well as villain). Everytime I read one of those stories... It's like my motivation and aspiration to become a better writer is increased sevenfold. 

9) Are you competitive in your word counts, or more chill and relaxed?

I am probably the most chill and relaxed person there is when it comes to word counts... While it does make me happy to get a whole lot of words down in one sitting, I don't much care for the competitiveness side.

10) Do you like sharing small snippets of your work? (*hint hint* :P)

Uhhh... Kinda? xD

Depends if I'm fond of said snippet or not, but anyway, here you go! *throws snippet at ya*

(Le Snippet is from WIP 'Guardian Angel')

Brinley staggered back into the apartment and closed the door behind her quietly. Leaning back against the wall, she shrugged the backpack off her shoulders and allowed it to fall to the floor, moving it to the side and out of the way with her foot. She took in a deep breath, not mentally ready to move away from the nice, solid door, she forced herself to do so anyway. 

She had only just made it halfway to her bedroom when a sharp, disapproving voice from the room behind made her freeze in her tracks. 

“Brinley Ann Taylor, where on earth have you been!?” 

...Mrs Auguste.

Crap. Brinley grimaced, throwing a quick, panicked glance towards the clock. It was now 10:26 PM. Five hours after she had originally said she’d be back. She gripped the banister tighter in fear, her mind completely devoid of any reasonable, or otherwise, excuses.

There was a slight pause in which Brinley imagined Mrs Auguste shaking her head in disappointment. “--I really hope you have a good explanation for this.”

* * *

Okay! Up to the question-making and tagging-other-people part now... 

Here are the questions:

1. Tell me a bit about your current story? :D (Who are the characters, what sort of struggles do they face-- anything really!)
2. Do you prefer to write by hand, or just type it up onto the computer?
3. Do you keep a journal for all of your ideas?
4. When do you find is the best time of day for you to write?
5. Do you have a favourite word? (Perhaps a word that you think sounds pretty cool to say, or an interesting word with a cool meaning, for example.)
6. Do you prefer Castles and Dragons or Spaceships and Aliens? (Or- alternatively; Spaceships and Dragons?)  
7. What do you do when you fall into a reading slump?
8. First-person or third-person point of view when writing?
9. QUICK-- Your character accidentally bumps into your story's most evil villain- WHAT DO THEY DO?!
10. (Okay, last question now, don't worry :D) How do your characters get along with eachother? (Eg, do they hate eachother or...?)

And now I shall tag the most lovely Ralraymee @ The Art of Life and my kinda-sweet-kinda-crazy younger sister, Jasmine @ Where My Wild Heart Grows

Annnd also anyone else who stumbles across this post and wants to do it! Consider yourself now tagged ;P

Anyway, that's all for now! *waves and teleports away*


So. I got tagged for this again... And because I am far too lazy to draw up another picture for the post (or write another introduction) I shall answer the questions on here!

So thanks Jasmine :D (you monster, you.)

Note: Because nearly all of these questions are character-related... I'll be using the MC of my work-in-progress 'Guardian Angel', Brinley Taylor... She has the power to see the possibilities of someone's death via a vision sort of thing... and basically can prevent it if she chose. So yeah... I thought I should probably mention that or something 'cos I don't really talk about it on my blog very much. (Unless specifically asked to, that is.)

1. What was the closest time ever your character came to perishing?

Oh dear... Probably the time Brinley was in a really bad car accident. But instead of dying like she technically should have, she got powers! Yay!

(also, that's kinda like the very begining of the story... so don't worry about spoilers.)

2. Was your character close to his/her parents or were they very distant?

I honestly haven't decided... I know Brinley is at least close to one of them. It's just a matter of deciding if it's the one who is still alive, or the one who died.

3. When was the last time your character felt scared? Like they couldn't do anything- helpless!

This isn't the latest thing but... The very first time Brinley had one of her vision things of the possibility of someone dying... She was petrified.

That counts, right?

4. What would your character do if they lost the ones they loved/cared for?


That's like... the whole story dude... It's basically why she runs around helping people... So that their families wouldn't have to go through the same pain and grief she had to...

5. What are your stories stakes at this moment?

People will die if she (Brinley) doesn't intervene.

6.  Your Character's friends are all jumping off a dragon. Would your character do it too?

Ember: Are you crazy? No. *Grabs Lewis' arm so he couldn't either 'cos this question implies that he would*

Brinley: Uh... No. Just no. *starts backing away slowly*

Valen: ...Maybe.

Isaac: And land on the back of yet another dragon? Sure, I'm in.

(phew. I have too many main characters... and this was only a few of them.)

7. The villain has won. What become's of your character(s)?

Oooh. I dunno. My villain would probably try to convince Brinley to join her... or at least destroy her spirit enough so that she'd (Brinley) never try to save another person again. (my villain isn't a murderer. Other people do that for her.)

8. What does your character want? Instead, what does he/she actually NEED?

She needs a hug.

9. Say your character has a pet, what would it be?

A dog... Brinley needs a dog.

Because, a) Dog can protect her while she's out, late at night, saving people.

and b) Brinley just needs a friend she can tell everything too... someone who won't judge or pity her and so on.

10. You character needs something done imminently, but they are trapped in a cave. Wait, there is someone on the other side who can help your character! What would your character say to them? 

*yelled through some hole or something leading to the outside* "HEY- TELL THAT PERSON NOT TO GO BACK HOME! TELL-- TELL THEM THAT SHE KNOWS. OR SOMETHING. DON'T BE CREEPY ABOUT IT THOUGH."

Random Person: "Waht."

* * *

Okie done now :D

*** SECOND EDIT *** 


Thanks Ral :D

1. Do you draw your characters? *Hint Hint*

I do indeed! *squints at the "hint hint" thing suspiciously* What are you trying to get me to do...?

2. Is there some strange thing you do to help you write? If so, what?

I mostly stuff my face with chocolate.

Okay, not really... I don't really think I do anything crazy strange thing to help me write.

3. Is there a time you've been interrupted while reading/writing and gotten so bored of reading the same thing over and over again? If so, what book?

Hmm, I don't think that's really happened to me...

4. Does your main villain have any special 'connections' with the main character? (Eg; Epsilon, Star Wars, ect)

Nope ^-^ ...Other than the fact they've both gone through terrible loss and stuff.

5. Is there a time you've never seen a plot twist coming and it surprised the living daylights out of you?

Ack-- I'm sure I have once! I just can't remember what book it was for. >-<

6. 3 worst books you've EVER read. 

Ooh boy. I dunno? Any terrible books I read, I just erase from my mind... And besides, how does one define a terrible book? Dull characters? Weak plot? ....yeah probably. But that's not my point ;P

Er... The only ones I can really think of are currently all fanfiction stories... but personally I'm not sure if they count, and it'd be rather mean of me to list them here so I won't.

7. 3 BEST Books you've read.

NOW THIS I CAN ANSWER :D (I assume this means fictional books)

In no particular order:

The Hobbit

Percy Jackson // Heroes Of Olympus

Miss Peregrine's Home For Peculiar Children.

(Yes, I know I just listed two book series but I couldn't help it... Also, I'm not sure if I'd call some of these the "best" books I've ever read, but they are most certainly the ones I enjoyed reading the most and would even go to bed early just so I'd have more time to go on an adventure with the characters.)

8. Your character and their friends have to go on a looonnnnggg journey. Monsters attack. What does the main character do?

Okay so...! Brinley has friends. *nods thoughtfully*

Okay, Asher would probably be most of the fighting (if at all possible. What kind of monsters are we talking here? ...Meh, he'd have a gun anyway.)

Riley would be trying to drag Brinley to safety.

Brinley, meanwhile would also be trying to drag Asher to safety becuase she really doesn't want anyone to die.

So basically, they'd choose to make a tactical retreat or something. (What? Being modern kids from the city, they're not really cut out for battling magical monsters and that sort of thing xD)

9. One of your favourite things you've ever written

Uh.... Probably something I wrote a long, long time ago, lemme see if I can find it... *wanders off to dig through old story files*

Ooh-- found something! It's heaps old. But I still like it.


Well, this is just perfect. Of course we just had to go meet this strange ‘Baron’ that we had never heard of. Not even bothering to think; ‘Hey! Maybe this could be trap or something!’ Noo... We just had to go in there. Charlotte thought to herself grimly as she tried to loosen the ropes that bound her and Vala to the heavy barrel. After a few more useless tries, she gave up for the time being and rested her head back against the barrel. She closed her eyes so she could try and think of a plan to get out of this mess. She came up with a few ideas-- but they soon crumbled when she realized that they could be in the middle of nowhere for all she knew. Sure, she may be able to get them out of the cabin and on the deck... providing she could find her bow, but what then? She was definitely no expert sailor and she had a feeling Vala wasn’t either.

Speaking of Vala...
Charlotte peeked over her shoulder and seeing that Vala’s hand had been tied close to her own hand, she began to poke it gently. There was no response.

“Vala..?” She whispered in another attempt to get her attention. She was a bit taken-aback by the rather grumpy sounding ‘what?’ in reply but she shrugged it off due to the fact that she would also be grumpy if she had been the one knocked unconscious and then woken up on a boat, tied to a barrel of stinking fish.

Oh wait a minute.

“Doing okay?” Charlotte asked, doing her best to sound cheerful for Vala’s sake. But not too cheerful of course… That would be weird.


It's my favourite in the sense that it makes me chuckle each time I read it... So yes. Anyway.

10. (Last one, phew *sighs with relief*) Your character has the opportunity to kill the super-ultra-evil-villain BUT. He's She's unconscious, he she doesn't have a weapon, he's she's severely wounded, someone else beat him her up. Would your main character spare him her (for now), or straight up kill him her?

Brinley would spare the villain, definitely. She is smol and would never want to kill anyone.

Bonus question!!! (Only Slisby has to Answer)

...wait what?

Did you like the Plan me and Jas made in order to get you to do a post before August? XD

Er, yes... kinda.... I guess? xD (Technically didn't work since I'm writing this all up in the same post >:D mawhahaha)

* * *
*flops on the nearest couch*

Okie... I'm done now. 

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Camp Nanowrimo 2017 :: July Edition (A Comic)

Long story short: I didn't reach my goal for April :P

Well... You can't say I didn't try!


(P.S I've made a page-thing for these guys that kinda sorta explains who they are and stuff... Don't have to check it out, but should you want to, you can find the magic page link either 'Here' or at the top of the page next to Home ^-^)

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

A Series of Story Hijackings by My Family

Or alternatively; ‘Why You Should Never Leave Your Story Open On Your Computer When You Leave The Room’. But that one is a bit of a mouthful to have to say each time I refer to this post so… yeah, maybe not. Maybe next time.

In this case, it’s mostly my dad and younger sister doing the hijacking. I leave my desk to get something (or just take a break and face-plant into the couch) and whether it’s less than half an hour or more; I usually find a small addition to whatever word document I left open, and whoever left said addition to the story, nowhere in sight. 

I must admit that sometimes it takes me a little bit to actually notice (so far my record is 10 minutes-- but only because I had multiple documents open at the same time), but once I do, I either laugh, cringe, laugh and cringe or just wander off to resume face-planting into the couch. (After minimizing the document, of course.)

So anyway, below are the lovely additions:

Me: *squints at document* ....Pretty sure I didn't write tha-- Hm, nope. *shrugs and fixes it up (after taking a screenshot and asking who did it) so it was back to the way I had left it*

Me: *leaves desk YET again with story document still up, because who would do the same thing twice after being found out?*

Dad would.

....In hindsight, I should've totally seen it coming.

(Fast forward a few days!)

-Once again, by Dad.
By that time, I had finally learnt not to leave it open (although I was quite amused with each one). A few months (or something, I dunno... It was a while, okay? :P) went past, I pretty much forgot all about why I shouldn't leave open documents unattended and April arrived with the lovely Camp Nanowrimo.

Then this one happened (completely unprompted and unknown by the writer that she was following in the footsteps of the master story hijacker-- AKA Dad.)

-Jasmine "helping me reach my word goal"...Sure sis. Sure xD

Ahhh, family.

You gotta love 'em.

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

ANZAC Day 2017

"They shall grow not old, as we that are left grow old;
Age shall not weary them, nor the years condemn.
At the going down of the sun and in the morning
We will remember them."

Saturday, March 11, 2017

Numbers as People... Wait, What?

Okay so, I don't remember how and when I started doing this exactly... I just remember doing it a lot.

Ever since I was a little kid, I liked to imagine that the numbers 1-10 were actual human characters with actual personalities. Did anyone else do that?? (Not a rhetorical question at all, please feel free to answer.)

Maybe it was just because I really liked making up random characters...  (Still do)

Or maybe it was just something I did in a feeble attempt to make mathematics a fun subject.

For instance; one moment I'll be sitting down doing my math work like a normal person and then suddenly I was really annoyed because Six had just defeated Five in a practice duel while One watched on from the sidelines. (6 - 5 = 1) 

I mean, how rude right?

Anyway, without further ado, I'm gonna introduce them. (Using mostly bullet points and quick, terrible sketches 'cos it's been a while since I've talked to them...)


  • Chivalrous but can be a bit of a rascal at times.
  • Quick-witted and a good swordsman.
  •  Absolute Best Bros with Sir Two.
  • Would never, ever, in a million years hurt a Lady. (Intentionally, that is.)
  • Tends to rush through things without first thinking them through.
  • Is small...ish. Don't ever mention it to him, he hates it. (Comes up to just below Sir Two's shoulder...)
  • Likes to think himself as a poet...  and is not very good at it. (But it's okay, Five's been tutoring him)

  • Big friendly giant.
  • Seriously strong.
  • Not even joking, he could lift a horse.
  • Best Bros with Sir One.
  • Very chivalrous.
  • Kind-hearted but would totally kick your butt if you dared to hurt any of his friends.
  • Often finds himself helping with many of Sir One's crazy plans of mischievousness. (Whether he wants to or not.)
  • Gets along with Six surprisingly well.

  • Very motherly and caring towards others, regardless of their age. 
  • Advice for everyone! Whether you want it or not!
  • Though in fairness her advice is pretty solid. 
  • Even though she is older by a couple years, she is very good friends with Princess Four.
  • Subtly ships Princess Four with Five but doesn't pester them about it.
  • Bit of a gossiper but never intends to harm anyone.

  • Diplomatic genius. (Whether she likes it or not)
  • Daughter of the King.
  • Don't ask about the hair, she likes it that way, a'right?
  • Gets along with Sir One and Sir Two rather easily and they've never dared to play a prank on her.
  • Kinda the one in charge of the Castle (After her father the king of course). Takes care of the house-keeping staff and makes sure everything runs smoothly.
  • Best friends with Lady Three.
  • Not fond of politics but she goes to the meetings with her father anyway so she can learn how everything works. (Because hey! One day she's going to be the Queen and she doesn't want to be caught unprepared.)
  • The one who always says; "Better safe than sorry."

  • Minstrel and Poet.
  • Trusted emissary of the King. 
  • ^ He has actually gone on a few secret missions for the good of the kingdom but he prefers to stay at the castle and entertain others over risking his life.
  • King of Jesters and Jester to the King. (Haha, sorry, had to put that reference in there. Kudos and cookies to you if you get it!)
  • Is in love with Princess Four but hasn't really told her because he doesn't want their friendship to be weird. (Cliche I know but come on, I made these characters up when I was around the age of six years old or something.)
  • Is quite intrigued by the art of swordsmanship and offered to give Sir One lessons in poetry if [Sir One] would kindly teach him how to wield a sword properly. (Sir One agreed.)
  • Day-dreamer and optimist.
  • Good friends with Six and just about everyone.

  • The one that keeps the bard alive. (Five)
  • Mercenary.
  • Was hired by the King to make sure Five didn't get himself into any dangerous situations without having help somewhere nearby. He's had to step in to help on a few occasions and they've become good friends.
  • Rarely ever in the Court. You'd probably have better luck finding him on the castle grounds or in the neighbouring village.
  • Doesn't really care much for royal titles.
  • No patience for politics.
  • Strong moral code.


And that's about it! I did have personalities for the numbers seven to ten but I couldn't really draw the right look for them... If people aren't too weirded out by this post, maybe I can do a part two or something? (I may just end up doing it anyway, who knows!)

So there you go, a random personality quirk of mine; I like to pretend numbers are people... (Yeah, I know I'm weird.)

Friday, February 10, 2017

So... It has come to this... (A Comic)

So there you have it, a blog post and me* complaining about all the Pinterest bugs via a comic in one big mess :) 

I feel a tad accomplished now....

And also sick, so I'm gonna go take a nap now.


(*more specifically my character called Creativity...)
(And also thank-you Jane with helping me with the words n'stuff and being my let's-complain-about-Pinterest buddy)
(and sorry it isn't as fancy as my other comic..)